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Lava Shells LavaMama Pregnancy Massage is an ingenious treatment which creates a blissful combination of relaxation and stimulation to ease away aches and pains particularly focussing on the back, hips and legs as the pregnancy progresses. The treatment also aims to improve energy levels, assisting circulation and alleviating puffiness and fluid build-up particularly in the legs and ankles. The clever combination of gentle but effective warmth and cold assists with pain relief and reduces muscle spasm in over-worked muscles. This specially developed massage effectively supports the mum-to-be throughout the crucial stages of her pregnancy and the miraculous changes to her body.

Lava Mama Luxury Relax Pregnancy Massage Treatment

  • Using two heated Lava shells and one glacial (cold) shell the whole body is massaged. Once the Pure Coconut Body Oil has been applied the shells glide over the body, a seamless massage of gentle-but-effective heat and touch, balanced by the addition of our sublime glacial shells – great for boosting the circulation and reducing the feeling of heaviness and puffiness often accompanying pregnancy. Particular attention is paid to the back, hips and legs as these supports the increasing weight of the growing baby and can give rise to troublesome symptoms. A full body LavaMama massage includes back, hips, legs, feet, bump, arms and hands, finishing with a soothing scalp massage and can be tailored to provide a bespoke treatment for each individual client.
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